Utimaco Safeware AG


HSMs of choice: General purpose, freely programmable, eGovernment or timestamp

Utimaco's CryptoServer Family

With our family of HSMs, we cover
every regulatory specification and
industry standard, all algorithms
and required interfaces.



Our general purpose hardware security module for securing and managing cryptographic keys. SecurityServer is ideal for every field of application where strong security is needed, together with easy management of the crypto key issuance, lifetime and destruction. With its standard interfaces, it is ready to be plugged into your IT environment.


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Deutschland HSM

Our hardware security module specially designed for identity management and issuance of ePassport and eID. Deutschland HSM provides security solutions for all the common components within ePassport or eID system infrastructures, by using sets of features and algorithms implemented in various ways.


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CryptoServer SDK

Our hardware security module for the successful development of your custom firmware modules running within a FIPS-certified HSM. CryptoServer SDK features full access to underlying base firmware, enabling you to realize every kind of security product that requires strong security of FIPS 140 Level 3 or 4.



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Our hardware security module for the highest level of authenticity and tamper-proof creation of timestamps. TimestampServer is ideal for every business operation with great legal or commercial significance. We designed it to serve compliance requirements. 


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